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Understanding your customer is the most critical element to a successful product. The best tool for understanding your audience’s wants, beliefs and behaviours is the Audience Mental Model.  We have been using it for over a decade for sole proprietorships, start-ups, and multinational firms like EA and Microsoft. 


In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Who and how to interview customers for an Audience Mental Model

  • How to analyze the generated customer data 

  • How to create an accurate Mental Model of your customer

  • How to use the Mental Model to generate: 

    • Product features

    • Service offerings

    • Marketing campaigns

    • Pricing strategies

March 26, 2020

Vancouver, BC


Having worked with other agencies you have to do a lot of work to get people aligned to your vision, whereas with Work at Play, their team just really get it right off the bat. Work at Play is much more goal-oriented. We entrust them to come up with good solutions to big challenges. With other external partners you [often] have to tell them exactly how you want the thing built.” 


—  Fernando Melo, BioWare/Electronic Arts


What we can do for you

Our goal at Work at Play is to make you and your products successful. Whether you are launching a new product or trying to boost an existing one, we have the experience and toolset to make your project a triumph. 


Who we are

Ani Phelan

Ani Phelan builds elite teams that deliver world-class results.


A product and operations master, for 20 years Ani Phelan has been building teams that launch award winning products. She has in-the-trench experience and a deep background in managing extremely challenging technology initiatives. 

David Gratton

David Gratton brings product and app ideas to life.


A serial entrepreneur, David has been bringing products to life for leading companies for over 30 years. A technology thought-leader and imagineer, his passion is finding, proving and growing unique, user-focused applications.

Some of our work

Arc'teryx shell finder

The Arc'teryx Shell Finder gave consumers the confidence they found that perfect jacket from the hundreds of choices available.

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