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Project Success

Over budget? Looming deadline? In over your head? Just want to make sure you don’t end up in that situation? We’ll work with your team from kickoff to launch to make sure your project is done right, on time, on budget.

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How do I set my project up for success from the start? How do I qualify and onboard vendors? 

  • Vendor quality based selection

  • Project strategy

  • Project milestones & work plan

  • Vision + business objective alignment

  • Technology viability

  • Risk mitigation plan

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How do I make sure my project stays on track?

  • Project management tools

  • KPI’s and status dashboard

  • Communication plan

  • Project cadence and key beats

  • Vendor management

  • Project management

  • Risk and change management

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How do I wrap up my project and collect any repurposable assets or insights?

  • Launch prep and coordination

  • Procurement closure

  • Formal acceptance

  • Retrospectives + lessons learned

  • Project archiving

  • Opportunity assessment

  • Monitoring + service

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My project has gone off the rails, how do I get it back on track?

  • Trigger analysis

  • Gap analysis

  • Stakeholder alignment

  • Objectives realignment

  • Scope and time realignment

  • Rescue task force construction

  • Execution and launch

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