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Product Strategy + Build

We will guide you and your team from idea to market launch and beyond, building the skill sets you need to create and support technology products in your company.

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How do I know if we have enough validated data to warrant spending resources to develop an MVP?

  • Market ecosystem

  • Customer willingness to pay

  • Target customer profile or mental model

  • Vision + business objective alignment

  • Technology viability

  • Risk mitigation plan

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How do I define the right MVP to prove my product idea?

  • Objectives

  • Hypothesis

  • Goal

  • Feature map

  • Architecture

  • Technology stack

  • Evidence based process

  • KPIs

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How do I ensure that I have a continuous release cycle and an operating company to support my product?

  • 1 year roadmap

    • Product release plan
    • Operational requirements

    • Customer success requirements

    • Marketing beats

  • Process

    • Design thinking

    • Lean + iterative development

  • Budget

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How do I build and scale a team that can respond to learning and deliver rapid results?

  • Detailed development backlog

  • User experience design

  • Brand + visual design

  • Development team onboarding

  • Analytics + KPIs

  • Launch marketing

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