We are left AND right brained.

At Work at Play, we believe that if you can't build it, you shouldn't design it. Conversely, our coders actively engage in user experience and design decisions throughout a project's development. Design and code. Art and science. One can't - and shouldn't - live without the other.

We are always learning.

A strong unique skill set is important, but working within a team and pushing one another to excel every day is what really drives us.

We are playful.

Some of us are funny. Some of us are "a bit weird." But weird in a likeable, quirky way, not in a creepy way. We love Lego, Play-doh and crayons.

We are economical.

We recycle. We compost. We turn off the lights. We know how to manage tight budgets and even tighter deadlines and still produce projects that are beyond expectations.

We kick it as a band-there are no divas.

We'd have starved as solo singer/songwriters, but together we rock the standing-room-only, stadium-packed house. What we're trying to say is, we work as a team here. Just like design and technology can't survive without each other in the digital space, we wouldn't be where we are without the people that work here.

We trust you.

That's how we start a relationship. Once you see us in action, we think you'll quickly trust us right back.

We find joy in what we do.

We're having fun and maybe showing off a little.

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