Spotlight on Augmented Reality

Work at Play loves anything that’s fun, innovative and pretty darn smart.Augmented Reality (AR) ticks those off pretty well, so we've put together this snack-sized piece on one of the buzzy acronyms that’s been grabbing the attention of consumers and marketers alike.

What Is User Engagement Anyway? (Part 1)

One of the most valuable services we offer our clients is the ability to increase user engagement with their brand digitally. However, what we have learned from our clients is that they do not all share a holistic view on exactly what “user engagement” means, or how to measure it. For example, are Pageviews or Unique visitors good indicators of an engaged audience? Or is it something softer?

An Awesome Drupal Search Experience With ApacheSolr

We recently implemented a complex search solution for a client that wanted content from all of their various web properties (built on a multitude of different technologies) to show up in the search results on their main Drupal site. We chose to use Apache Solr.