You’re Invited: Workshop on Mental Model Fundamentals with the Work at Play team

We welcome you to join us for our first public Mental Model Fundamentals workshop. During this full-day, hands-on workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of this indispensable tool. Mental models will help you understand why your users do what they do, so you can generate effective, actionable solutions that inform your product design and strategy development.

Ani Phelan Ani Phelan

Mental Model

The Persona is Past Its Prime: Meet the Mental Model

No other tool has come close to replicating the dramatic increase in quality we saw after adopting the mental model. We are leaving the persona behind. You should too, and here’s why...

Lorraine Chisholm Lorraine Chisholm


eCommerce or CMS: which is best for you?

To help you determine which platform is best for you and your business, we’ve compiled a handy list of questions to ask before you settle on eCommerce, CMS, or a combination of the two.

Christopher Brandt Christopher Brandt


Why Mixed Reality wins over Virtual Reality

With technology developing at a breakneck pace, and billions of potential dollars at stake, I believe artificial reality is poised to overtake the smartphone as our next great information channel. But which technology will triumph: mixed reality or virtual reality?

David Gratton David Gratton

magic leap 1

The Future of AR: 4 Game-changing Devices

From holographic tabletop games to 3D anatomical models, today’s AR technology is bringing the future to the present in a big way. Check out these 4 game-changing devices shaking up the worlds of tech, medicine, and beyond.

David Gratton David Gratton