The Who's Who of Mixed Reality in Vancouver attend first YVR MR Meetup

David Gratton David Gratton

We kicked off the first YVR Mixed Reality meetup at the Microsoft Canada Excellence Centre last month with a mix of developers, designers, and thought leaders who work in or contribute to the growing field of mixed reality.

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The evening began with guest speaker Darren Bennett, a lead creative designer on the HoloLens, who shared some inspiring words on the future of mixed reality.

Interestingly, David Bennett painted a portrait of mixed reality not dissimilar from the predictions we laid out in our recent post, Why MR Wins Over VR. Bennett too sees mixed reality as a massive gamechanger. Mixed reality has become an exciting space of rapid growth; one that’s worth investing in for anyone interested in the future of communication, and user experience design.

After David Bennett’s talk, we broke into groups to focus on our particular special interests: mixed reality as it affects medicine, education, gaming and entertainment, linear fiction narratives, and UX. The discussion was rich and lively—even after the meetup was over, conversation continued down into the lobby and out onto the streets. Speaking and sharing ideas with other innovators in the field was extremely motivating. It’s the chance to connect with and leverage the knowledge of our peers that is the ultimate goal of our meetups.

If you are actively involved in developing or supporting mixed reality projects, we plan to continue this collaboration with quarterly meetings. We invite you to join the group and attend a future meetup. Whether you’re interested in mixed reality tech, platform development, or user experience design, your voice could be a valuable addition to the conversation.

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