Join VanHUG at the Vanguard of HoloLens Development

Christopher Brandt Christopher Brandt

Do you need a VanHUG? Join the Vancouver HoloLens User Group for a chance to meet and collaborate with other HoloLens developers.

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VanHUG (the HUG stands for HoloLens User Group) originated with myself and a handful of enthusiastic YVR Mixed Reality members when we saw a need for a tech-heavy meetup with an emphasis on coding. The aim of VanHUG is to push HoloLens mixed reality technology to the next level by connecting developers across the Vancouver tech community.

The new Vancouver HoloLens development group is meeting for the first time on Wednesday November 16th at the Work at Play studio. Anyone currently developing for the HoloLens is welcome to join us.

Let us know you're coming through the group!

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