Harness the Secret Tool Behind the Strategy & Product Development of Leading Brands with our New Workshop

Ani Phelan Ani Phelan

Last month we pulled back the curtain on the secret behind designing and building successful products: the mental model.

The mental model is the single most important tool for understanding your audience.

It’s a game changer for anyone interested in a highly visual, customer-centric tool aimed at product strategy, marketing, and user experience design

At the Work at Play offices on October 27, Director of User Experience Lorraine Chisholm, and Senior Researcher Ashley van Herten led a sold-out workshop on Mental Model Fundamentals for people from a range of industries and backgrounds including consumer products, SaaS, supply chain logistics, and marketing.

Tweet from Madelynn Festing, Marketing & Communications, EA
Tweet from Madelynn Festing, Marketing & Communications, EA

If you want to learn how to harness this cutting-edge tool, join us at the next Mental Models Fundamentals workshop by adding your name to the wait list.

Workshop participants will acquire the skills and knowledge to answer these questions with clarity and confidence:

  • Why do my users do what they do?
  • What’s “good research” and how do I do it?
  • How can I create a visual framework of my data?
  • How can I promote alignment among stakeholders?

Mental models lead to better products, strategies, and marketing. By understanding why your users do what they do, you can generate effective, actionable solutions informed by evidence-based data gathered from actual customer behaviours and needs.

Send us a message to get on the wait list!

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