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May 20, 2014

Work at Play Collaborates with Local Charitable Organization to Demystify Mental Illness Stigmas

Mental health issues affect every one of us in some way. 

Work at Play and RainCity Housing recently collaborated on a project to spotlight the issue of mental illness stigma.

Informed by real life stories, the Open Your Heart website challenges viewers to take an empathetic look at perhaps our society’s last socially acceptable prejudice: mental illness. Click on ‘support’ or ‘accept’ and watch what happens to the people’s lives. Mental illness affects so many of us, maybe even all of us, through friends, loved ones, and coworkers. It's within each of us to start thinking differently about it.

The Open Your Heart website is a part of RainCity's NEWS (New Evolution of Wise Storytelling) project. The overall goal of NEWS is to create opportunities for community members and media creators to come together to create inclusive and supportive stories about mental health, as a way to address the myths, misconceptions, stigma associated with mental illness.

RainCity Housing and Support Society is a grassroots organization built around compassion, purpose and a commitment to delivering progressive housing and support solutions for people living with mental illness, addictions and other challenges. The people who benefit from the services of RainCity Housing are treated with dignity and respect, and are offered a safe place to live, with independence and improved quality of life. 

Work at Play was happy to get involved and drive the Open Your Heart project through from concept to development. We carve out studio time for projects like this because we believe in being an integral part of where we work and live. It was an honor to see the site come to life, and to see such a positive reception.

Please visit and please get involved; an accepting gesture can make all the difference. 

We try and get involved in community projects whenever possible. Reach out if you have a project you’d like to discuss contact us.