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For Facebook, There's No Place Like Home

Facebook’s foray into the smartphone market was inevitable. It was an expected move. But building an Android specific skin that turns existing phones into Facebook-centric devices? That was a bit surprising.

Spotlight on Virtual Goods

Q: What do a $300,000 space station, a $17,000 Imp MK II Hunting Rifle and a $25 Celestial Steed have in common?A: None of them exist in the real world (hardly surprising in the case of the flying horse), but that hasn’t stopped them from generating a LOT of interest and money.

Spotlight on Crowdsourcing

First coined back in 2006 by Jeff Howe, you could say ‘Crowdsourcing’ has more than earned the right not to be considered a buzz-word any more. There’s certainly a wealth of information out there about it, so here's a (hopefully) digestible article showing some of the interesting projects and campaigns that have embraced the masses, and truly harnessed power from the people.