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January 13, 2014

Pizza Hut's Xbox 360 App Hits $1 Million in Sales in Short Order

In April of 2013, Pizza Hut released an app where Xbox 360 gamers could order pizza directly from their console. Within the first four months of its launch, the app generated over $1 million in sales

The magical matchup of pizza, gamers and convenience

Digital engagement is about connecting with your audience at the right time, in the right context, and with the right message.  The wild success of the Pizza Hut Xbox 360 app illustrates the effectiveness of getting that mix right.

That gamers like pizza is not, in itself, a revelation.  Pizza, beer, and Xbox - the gamer trifecta!  In creating this app Pizza Hut matched their customers’ pizza cravings with a core activity triggering those cravings. For gamers enthralled in a marathon session of GTA, ordering their favourite food to refuel is as simple as pressing a few buttons on their remote or directing a few choice gestures towards their Kinect sensor. It really doesn’t get any easier than that. And Pizza Hut is reaping the rewards - 11% of those who ordered from the Xbox 360 app were ordering Pizza Hut online for the first time. 

Work at Play: certified Xbox Developers

We often get asked why a boutique creative agency like ourselves became certified Xbox Developers. Now it makes sense, doesn’t it?

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