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July 07, 2011

MOFIDY: An Exercise in Brainstorming and Prototyping

There's nothing like a good old fashioned challenge. Throw in an intense deadline, some friendly heckling, an ultimatum, and you've got all the mixings for a serious competition. It's not just another day at the office. It's MOFIDY day.

Make It Or Fake It. Our Version of FedEx Days

MOFIDY. Make It Or Fake It Innovation DaY. Alright, the acronym is a bit of a stretch, but we're nothing if not resourceful. MOFID? just doesn't have the same ring to it.

MOFIDY, or Fed-Ex days as they are more commonly known, aren't anything new. They're widely considered to be an excellent tool to inspire creativity and perk innovation. This is especially important in digital marketing where change is happening constantly and, at an accelerating pace. To keep stride with the industry we need to brainstorm solutions and build functioning prototypes in a flash. With that in mind, Work at Play has made brainstorming a core competency for the entire company. Without question, MOFIDY days keep us nimble by exercising our creative thinking, problem solving and prototyping skills. 

OK, So How Does MOFIDY Work, Exactly?

MOFIDY (it's growing on you, isn't it!) happens once every quarter, on a Friday. We form teams with good representation from our core disciplines: user experience, design, development, and business strategy.  The teams tackle an industry problem which come with some restraints (e.g. your solution must use the Twitter API, or the iPad camera must be utilized). The teams then take an entire day to brainstorm, develop and build a fully functioning (ideally) product, and, if we can't deliver, we fake it with everything we've got. The next morning we muster our bravado, deliver killer pitches and convince our colleagues that we made something, it works, and that it's awesome.

In summary: 24 hours. Concept, design, build, pitch. In the end you had better Make it or Fake it.

MOFIDY Accomplished. Now What?

So a MOFIDY day is over, now what? Well, we have a great respository of potential ideas, we honed our rapid brainstorming and prototyping skills and the winning team (we won't name names) got to prance around like proud Lipazzaner stallions for a day. Not to mention that we have sharpened our focus on the challenges our clients face in the digital era. Implementing MOFIDY for our company was definitely not rocket science - and yet, as the Lipazzaner stallions will attest, it kind of feels like it.