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July 29, 2014

Meet Our Newest Team Member, Warren Kean

Work At Play is pleased to announce our newest addition, Warren Kean, to the role of Director of Product and Solutions.

Warren comes with inventive solutions-based expertise after nearly a decade of establishing advertising and promotional channels for brands through Radio, TV and Digital at Rogers Media. 

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit (Translation: he is going to tell you his ideas whether you knew you wanted them or not), Warren was recognized as a leader specializing in multi-platform media campaigns. His innovative thinking earned him recognition in Rogers President’s Club. (ed. It’s not as prestigious as Work at Play’s President’s Club, but it’s a nice feather in his cap all the same.) 

“I’m really looking forward to working at an agile digital marketing agency like Work at Play. Like most people, I used to think Engagement meant getting a pair of ears for thirty seconds and running a contest to gain fifty new Facebook friends for my clients. When I found out (in the seventh of twelve grueling hours of selection process) that Work At Play attained over 7 million Facebook fans for a global brand in just a couple months, I knew this was my dream job."

Kean’s ability to mix conventional campaign approaches with digital strategies makes him an ideal partner for businesses looking to increase customer value, instill measurability into their marketing campaigns, and come up with tactics their competitors will be jealous of.

And if you’re looking for a ringer for your corporate touch football games, he’s got that covered, too. Before following his passion for developing innovative marketing campaigns, Warren was the highest drafted kicker in professional football history, kicking field goals for a few of the better teams in the Canadian Football League. Disregard the fact he was passed around the league like old gear…

“Warren is a fantastic addition to Work at Play. His passion and creativity is a great fit for our team and our clients. He’s also useful when I need to kick some butt around here.” chuckled CEO David Gratton.

Warren’s duties will focus on building value for brands and clients from the first conversation to the moment we begin project planning. He will bring insights to solve problems before clients ask for them and enable solutions from the outset.

“I’m ecstatic to be working with such a ridiculously smart and forward-thinking group of people. There are so many opportunities to interact with consumers today and I’m excited to work with our clients to deliver new engaged fans and advocates. It's like my best buddy Wayne Gretzky always says, ‘if you're going to be super awesome, you've got to go where the puck is going to be, not where it is now’. That’s what I’ll help my clients work towards...” winked Warren.

*We’re pretty sure Wayne Gretzky wouldn’t say “super awesome” and we don’t think Warren actually knows him, but he swears he met Wayne’s dad Walter once.

Contact us to set up some time with Warren for some complimentary insights and a chuckle or two.