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September 10, 2014

Arc’teryx Shell Jacket Finder App: Choose Your Own Adventure Jacket

Selecting the right shell jacket can be a daunting task, especially with the 70+ outdoor shells offered by Arc’teryx. Every jacket is tailored for specific conditions, terrains, and activities – and there are dozens of colours and fit options to further expand the variety!

With so many variables, how do outdoor enthusiasts select the right jacket to match their needs?

That was the question Arc’teryx asked of Work at Play in May 2014. We were delighted to tackle this challenge and are even more pleased to announce that the results of our collaboration were launched this week: the Arc’teryx Shell Finder

Everyone has different needs when it comes to an outdoor shell. Some customers are interested in technical features like hood configurations or powder skirts. Others start from the type of activity or potential weather conditions. Regardless of the starting point, there are now dozens of ways to find the perfect shell jacket. 

Work at Play designed an intuitive shell finder that uses simple, visual choices. Customers start with what is most important to them — activity, durability, weather, etc. — then move progressively through their options. Each selection narrows the list of suggested shells until customers have four or fewer matches. The experience is almost like having an expert right there with you, helping you find exactly what you need. 

The design of the Arc’teryx Shell Finder was a challenge! Each screen needed a unique look and feel but the app also needed to feel cohesive. The design had to reflect Arc’teryx’s highly visual brand and clean design principles. Animations and transitions were the finishing touch that make the experience of finding the right shell fun. You can view the shell finder on your desktop and tablet, where the web app looks great, but it also adapts flawlessly to mobile devices so you can find that perfect shell while you’re on the go.

Arc’teryx is a respected international brand, and the shell finder was localized to work for outdoor enthusiasts across the globe. The app is currently available in 6 languages.

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Go choose your own (adventure) jacket! Have a look at what the Arc’teryx Shell Finder has to offer:

Activity Question Set

Jacket Features Question Set