Cutting the Cord: My Conclusions

Our CEO & Founder, David Gratton, has embarked upon a personal experiment. He has thrown his TV out the window. Ok, not literally speaking, but he has sworn off cable and committed himself (and his family) to seeing if they can consume their desired TV fare in more non-traditional ways

Transformers Universe: The Battle Begins

On December 12, Jagex Games Studios thrilled lucky fans with a limited number of invitations to the Transformers Universe (TU) closed beta. As a studio partner, Work at Play is delighted to be able to congratulate Jagex and celebrate with them as we work together to bring Transformers to the web.

How To Run a Great Hackathon - Five Lessons Learned

Recently, our company took a 24-hour hiatus from client work to innovate and ideate. We call the event MoFiDy - Make it or Fake it Day. A MofiDy is our take on doing a hackathon; it's an opportunity for staff to take on an innovative challenge and show their creative chops.