Re-thinking what it means to be an introvert

At The Art of Leadership Conference in Vancouver, speaker Susan Cain challenged pre-conceived notions about introverts and how our noisy, highly interactive, extrovert-oriented work cultures might be preventing some among us from shining. It got me thinking. How can we make sure we’re embracing all types of personalities?

Banff World Media Festival - Day 2

Today the nextMEDIA Content Marketing and Media Strategy Summit kicked off at Banff. With topics ranging from content marketing to the evolving role of media, a lot of ground was covered.

Banff World Media Festival 2013

Bringing together leaders from across the television and digital media industries, the Banff World Media Festival is one of the largest events of its kind in North America - and we'll be there!

The Xbox One is a Good Strategy

Microsoft newest console, the Xbox One, promises to reshape the way we live in and experience the living room. It's a bold strategy, but it's also an incredibly smart one.