16 Things You Should Know About Reddit's Erik Martin

On December 5th, Erik Martin, the General Manager of Reddit, is going to be speaking at our office on a topic he knows a lot about: online community. It’s going to be a great event, and we’re really excited to be hosting it. So excited in fact, we thought we should get to know Eric a little better beforehand. So, taking inspiration from the Proust Questionnaire, we whipped up a little ‘Work at Play’ version we like to call “The Simpkins Questionnaire”. That a Simpkins is also the author of this blog is a mere coincidence.

Second Reddit Event Added - "Live AMA" with Erik Martin

When we announced we were hosting “Galvanizing Community with Erik Martin, the GM of Reddit”, we knew it would be a popular event. We were blown away when it sold out in less than 6 hours. Recognizing that many people weren’t able to attend, Erik graciously offered to host a second, more intimate event on the evening of December 5th - a “Live AMA” featuring Erik himself.