Work at Play is a new kind of studio that brings value to our clients by extending their brand experiences to a mobile and socially connected world.

We work with you to build customer engagement and extend your product experience through technology, experience design, innovation, and business strategy. We’re nimble, we’re creative, and we deliver measurable business results.

We view social media as a product extension

Ten years ago, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram didn't exist. Now they are essential for engaging with customers. However, we believe they are more than marketing channels, we believe they are critical features of your product and brand experience.

We're seeing technological change at break-neck speed as smart phones, tablets, TV consoles, social commerce, and the Internet of Things continuously alter consumer behaviour and expectations. This is the new tool set and it's our specialty.

We think user experience is the brand

In a digital world, it's experience that connects your brand's core values to your customers – where ever your customers are. A deep understanding of your customers, their expectations, and their goals ensures that your product is aligned with theirs needs. To gain that understanding, we've become experts at user research and translating our findings into customer-centred solutions that get measurable results.

We promote a culture of innovation

At Work at Play, we work smart and we play hard. We work and play with both technology and art to gain insight, solve problems, and have some fun. Innovation is core to our culture.

Every quarter we conduct a hackathon-style “make it or fake it day” where we break into teams to solve a content challenge with a technical restraint in just 24 hours. For example, we recently challenged ourselves to “re-envision a scene from Alice in Wonderland using Kinect as the core experience.” Twenty-four hours later we had three amazing demos and gained fascinating insight into both the power and challenges of Kinect and its user experience.

The second screen is here

We carry our smart phones and tablets everywhere. We have them on when we watch TV or when attend live events. These devices have become a fundamental component of our daily experience.

Work at Play has a long track record of developing second screen experiences for brands while they were still in their infancy. We have helped deliver award-winning experiences for television and game companies including, PBS, MTV Games, Brash Entertainment, Mattel, and Electronic Arts. We recently built our own second-screen HTML5 product for the television industry called TapThat. TapThat offers real-time interaction to home audiences.

It is all about art and science

At Work at Play, we believe that if you can't build it, you shouldn't design it. Conversely, our coders actively engage in user experience and design decisions throughout a project's development. Design and code. Art and science. One can't - and shouldn't - live without the other